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when the dreams come true
when the sky is full of stars and basket full of flowers
we pray god and thank him BUT
when night is dark and cold wind blowing
when the emotions shrink to tears and face is gloomy
when mornings are hopeless and days are painful
we curse him WHY ?

God can either be good or bad,
how he can be both at a time
just look into the eyes of a baby
and you will get the answer
all come in world with such innocent heart
and we blend it with good or evil
God represents that heart
And i think now you can judge what he is !

Nishikant tiwari

Meaning of why?

Look at the river and think of fly
Think of flow when birds move through sky
Think why we are born and why we die
If you are true to your heart and still can lie
when we are able to differtiate between me and my
If you know whom to say good morning and when to say good bye
Think if he can do why can't I
When you have answers to all above
you can find success lying side by
Because you know the meaning of every why !

Nishikant Tiwari

Colour Of Cheer

One day a flower asked me
"Do you know the color of joy ?
what are the times when we can smell breath of heart ?
what does dove imagines when it spread its wings beside a lake ?
why cheeks become red when you shy ?
And why you smile when you dream ?
why do you think its duty to praise beauty ? "

I stood surprised and speechless
he glared at me and laughed
After a pause he spoke again
"Its not one color but mixture of all"
I opposed but mixture of all colors is white
and this stands for peace
He added "yes my friend,think what does joy brings?
It brings peace to mind
Or in other words peace of mind is the only real joy
You can say in both ways
white is mixture of all colors
or it has no color at all.

Nishikant Tiwari

Love menace

Threre are times in one's life when we say
Oh lets romance
our heart becomes greedy and plans everything in advance
we turn our eyes asquintly looking for a chance
But it is so easy ?
Some time yes sometimes not
It all depends on which girl you have designed the plot
and also how well You can play the shot
if you succeed and go for date make a long estimate
But in few weeks you are lost in sand
With serpents in your neck and scorpions in hand.

Nishikant Tiwari


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