A Lost Love (short story)

Oh, it’s almost quarter to five. I should hurry or I may be late for my M.B.A classes. In the month of June, it takes some time for the anger of the sun to settle down. When I reached my coaching classes, I was half bathed and was even late by ten minutes. At the doorstep when I asked for permission to get in, a girl sitting in the front seat stared me for a moment and then with a cute sarcastic smile whispered something to her friend sitting side by. Before I could settle down a number of questions caught my mind. Have I seen her before? Who is she? , What she murmured to her friend? …...Etc.

A M.B.A preparation class is a place where you may find student cum detective boys very smart at finding information related to girls. Again, there is a set of notorious chicks guiding you with expert’s comments on how to talk to with girls, make friendships with them and what there certain gesture or behavior means. I was bombarded with all such details. Her name is Saumyata.Today is her first class. She seems to be nasty…..etc.

I am bit hesitant talking with girls and I avoid them most of the time because I had found them to be either immature or materialistic or both. They seemed more keen on knowing my financial background or the latest films I had seen than trying to understand me, my principles, value systems and goals. Just not my kind but this time allure of her beauty and maturity had put me in restless bag. After a few classes when I got a chance to sit beside her it was impossible to resist that temptation. As usual with me, she initiated the communication, the thing I just needed. I may be poor initiator and a bad finisher but in middle over, I am awesome.

Soon we became friends, to what extent I don’t know. Wherever I go, I take my Bihar and hilarious mood with me. Often I blend these two to create a unique humor. Is she annoyed with my funny activities? Do I look bucolic when I talk in different way trying to create humor? This thing kept me ever wondering. One day we all had a party. She followed me on to the road, adjusting her silky hair with her hands, trying to adjust it behind her ear. Girls do such things casually, not realizing the impact of such feminine gestures on men. We had a great time. On the party night when I fell on my bed I pondered in my thoughts .Is it true that a boy and a girl can never continue as `friends’ forever, even if neither has any such intentions. Meeting repeatedly, moving closely and sharing good moments can change everything. People don’t change in character. What changes them is the time they spend together, the environment and proximity. I realized that I love her.

One month later on her birthday when I went to give a gift to her. I found her showing something to her friend Gargi. As I approached her, she hid something from me instantly. I didn’t like that at all. Perhaps she didn’t consider me as her close friend. Nevertheless, I wished her “Happy Birthday” and handed the gift. She returned it saying that she never accepts gifts. I asked “Don’t you take me as your friend?” “Yes you are but please forgive me I am sorry. I can’t take it.” “But….”
“Ok consider it as return gift.” This drew blood of my self. I anticipated that she never took me as her “good friend” and started avoiding her since then. Love is a strange feeling. It makes you react, the way in which you never expect to. It begins when you don’t know it, ends when you want the relationship to go on. Yet there is nothing better, when you are right in the middle of it.

After a few days, I had to leave my coaching classes due to my forthcoming engineering exams and was not able to continue afterward. Whenever I used to see that book which I had gifted her, I felt with hatred for myself. I was not able to make her even a simple friend. Shame on me ! Such feelings used to disturb my consciousness but now when almost a year has passed, I decided to be more practical and one day picked that book for reading .As I was through the book I found a note in it.
“You are different from all other. This is the thing I like in you the most. We have been friend for much time but I do not see you in that way any more. If you too have a different idea running in your thoughts, cafeteria would not be a bad place to share it. It would be amazing to see you at Coffee Home at 5 PM tomorrow.

Moral: One should always be Optimistic and never presume anything.
Under estimating yourself may result in a opportunity loss at your
own cost.

Nishikant Tiwari


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