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A Lost Love (short story)

Oh, it’s almost quarter to five. I should hurry or I may be late for my M.B.A classes. In the month of June, it takes some time for the anger of the sun to settle down. When I reached my coaching classes, I was half bathed and was even late by ten minutes. At the doorstep when I asked for permission to get in, a girl sitting in the front seat stared me for a moment and then with a cute sarcastic smile whispered something to her friend sitting side by. Before I could settle down a number of questions caught my mind. Have I seen her before? Who is she? , What she murmured to her friend? …...Etc.

A M.B.A preparation class is a place where you may find student cum detective boys very smart at finding information related to girls. Again, there is a set of notorious chicks guiding you with expert’s comments on how to talk to with girls, make friendships with them and what there certain gesture or behavior means. I was bombarded with all such details. Her name is Saumyata.Today is her first c…